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Best resources to find high-quality job seekers in logistics

July 5, 2022

Following the Great Resignation, the job market dramatically favors employees, especially in logistics, manufacturing, and distribution. Employers must make a greater effort to attract top-tier candidates to keep their enterprise running efficiently. Hiring qualified, skilled labor for forklift operation, picking, assembly, and packing is essential to improving your bottom line and increasing profit. However, it can be hard to find high-quality job seekers in logistics using traditional methods. Here are the top resources for employers to find candidates for their open positions in warehouse logistics.

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Job search websites

Posting on popular job websites generates a high volume of applicants for logistics and warehouse businesses. It’s easy to list the job responsibilities for a position and your requirements for applicants. Online job search sites make it convenient and fast for job seekers to apply to a variety of companies.

The downside is that a company may not receive many high-quality job seekers in logistics when posting their open positions on a job search website. They also have to stand out from hundreds or thousands of other job postings on a site.

Host a job fair

Much of the job search process has moved online, especially in a post-COVID world, but the job fair remains a mainstay of recruitment. Job fairs can be appealing to companies because of the ability to streamline your onboarding, meet candidates, conduct initial interviews, and build a talent pipeline. For job seekers, they’re a way to get instant feedback from employers, sometimes securing a same-day job offer.

Sometimes, job fairs don’t pan out, whether because of low attendance by job seekers in logistics or low-quality applicants. They can end up being a waste of company resources and the time of your human resources and hiring managers.

Work with a specialized staffing agency

It’s possible to find great job seekers in logistics without using online job boards or fairs to fill open positions. When you partner with a recruiter, you can avoid many of the downsides, such as an abundance of resumes and applications from candidates who don’t have relevant experience.

The recruiters of a specialized staffing agency come from relevant background experience. They can identify high-quality candidates and match them with the companies with cultures where they’ll thrive.

Some of the critical metric areas where a specialized staffing agency can help in recruitment and hiring are:

  • Reducing cost per hire to streamline your recruiting budget
  • Decrease time to fill open positions
  • Optimize time to hire by acting quickly on ideal candidates

Most importantly, they can improve the quality of hire, so your new warehouse staff become top performers in your company.

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At Action Logistix, we use pre-employment testing to reduce turnover in warehouse and manufacturing staffing. The candidates our clients receive have the right job skills, experience, and personality to thrive within their organization. We ensure applicants have:

  • Forklift operation
  • Measuring skills
  • Team player attitudes

Specialized recruitment will transform how you fill open logistics and warehouse positions within your organization, reducing your recruitment budget and securing top candidates who will help your company grow.

Action Logistix does the screening for St. Louis area manufacturing enterprises, providing high-quality logistics job seekers.

Our team provides high-quality employees in manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment. By conducting thorough screening, we ensure employers have qualified staff for forklift operation, assembly, picking, and more. Because we bring years of industry expertise in logistics, manufacturing, and hiring, we can provide our clients with unparalleled results for staffing their enterprise.

The Action Logistics pre-employment testing evaluates applicants for their attention to detail, job skills, and culture match. We eliminate up to 30 percent of applicants pre-interview, so our clients only interview qualified candidates.

Contact Action Logistix to work with the premier resource for finding qualified, high-quality job seekers in logistics and manufacturing.

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