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How to find top-tier candidates for logistics and warehouse jobs

May 19, 2022

If you need the best candidates for warehouse jobs in St. Louis, attracting the highest-caliber applicants is difficult. To further complicate matters, figuring out how to retool your employee search process is complicated. Fortunately, at Action Logistix, we are the premier warehouse staffing company in the St. Louis, Missouri and Western Illinois areas. We dedicate ourselves to finding the best talent for your organization through unrivaled pretesting and screening solutions.

Here’s how to attract high-caliber warehouse applicants:

Offer competitive pay and benefits.

Competitive pay and benefits are critical to attracting top talent for warehouse jobs.

Nearly 60% of employees and candidates report salary is the leading contributor to job fulfillment, and competitive pay rates are essential to attracting the best possible talent.

Still, employers must offer other incentives to attract high-caliber talent. Competitive benefits are as critical as pay. Benefits, particularly those with long-term payoffs, are the bare minimum for many candidates.

Moreover, positions that offer at least four ‘non-cash benefits’ realize a 20% improvement in recruiting. Benefits can include:

  • Insurance
  • Company discounts
  • Flexible shifts
  • Paid time off
  • Retirement plans
  • Bonuses

Ultimately, employees know their worth. Acquiring top talent requires paying for top talent. To set yourself apart from the rest, compare your pay and benefits to the competition and make meaningful adjustments.

If you are interested in finding the best possible candidates for your warehouse job, at Action Logistix, we have the staffing solutions for you.

Focus on diversity and community.

To find the best local talent for warehouse jobs in St. Louis, focus on diversity and community. Firstly, workplace diversity is essential and benefits your company directly.

Studies prove diverse teams solve problems faster due to their broader range of perspectives, ideas, and experiences. Establishing a diverse workforce also helps new employees feel more comfortable and cultivates a more interesting, enjoyable work environment.

Plus, by focusing on diversity, you broaden the pool of candidates you consider and introduce high-caliber candidates who would be valuable assets to your organization that would otherwise not be considered or interested due to a homogenous work environment.

People are also increasingly concerned with inclusivity. Candidates in the modern workforce are more inclined to join organizations emphasizing inclusivity and diversity. Also, engaging with your community is an excellent way to attract top local talent.

People are more likely to pursue positions with companies they recognize. Trade schools, community colleges, job fairs, and universities are great community resources, as is charity work. Candidates are more attracted to companies that care about issues they care about.

If you are interested in establishing a diverse workforce and attracting top-tier applicants, at Action Logistix, our staffing solutions are unrivaled.

Offer employee referrals.

Employee referral programs are also excellent ways to find the best candidates for warehouse jobs in St. Louis.

Firstly, your employees know what kind of work you do, your job expectations, and what kind of workers you need on staff. Programs with referral incentives are a great way to capitalize on this.

Rewarding employees who successfully refer candidates helps find candidates that match your business needs and company culture, and it maintains morale and keeps your current staff happy.

Offering bonuses or extra time off for successful referrals builds a stronger sense of community, reduces turnover, and optimizes company culture and productivity, too.

Contact us now to get started!

If you need highly-qualified candidates to fill warehouse jobs in St. Louis, at Action Logistix, we can find them for you. We are an unparalleled warehouse staffing company in the St. Louis, Missouri and Western Illinois area, and our unequaled pre-employment testing culls the best applicants for your needs. The high-caliber candidates we find are only matched by the results we deliver. Contact us now to get started!

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