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Does company culture matter when hiring workers in the logistics industry?

September 15, 2021

Company culture isn’t just a big part of the corporate environment. In fact, it’s a pervasive force in almost every industry you can imagine. A company’s culture is important for how it affects the cohesion, workflow, and productivity of each team working as part of it. For work environments like warehouses and distribution centers, this is no different, and it’s important to recognize both why it matters and how to recruit with this culture in mind.

Action Logistix specializes in recruiting talented employees for the Greater St. Louis and Western Illinois warehousing and distribution centers that can fit into your company’s culture and produce outstanding results for years to come. We understand how company culture fits into the bigger picture of a company’s long-term success, and that cultivating that culture starts with the people you choose to recruit for that company.

Read on to learn more about the value of your warehouse culture, how to recruit for the kind of culture you want for your company, and further steps you can take to improve that culture.

Value of a company’s culture

Workplace culture plays a major role in the value your employees get out of working with your company, and it affects the quality of their working life significantly. This obviously affects employee retention to a significant degree, but it’s also incredibly relevant to your company’s overall productivity and profitability, too.

When your employees like the experience of working for your company and feel that their goals align with the company’s, they’re willing to work harder toward the greater good of the organization. It’s also important for an employee to feel that the company they work for is invested in their success as much as the employee is working toward the company’s success. If they feel that their personal development is significantly bolstered by doing great work for your company, you’re a lot more likely to see the benefits of that great work in your bottom line.

Recruiting with your warehouse culture in mind

Of course, the first step toward cultivating the company culture you want is to recruit the people who fit that image. This can be a difficult task in a warehouse setting, particularly because staffing needs can change quickly and frequently depending on a variety of factors. Unlike in an office setting, where the number of employees needed for certain roles is unlikely to significantly change at a rapid pace, a warehouse setting requires you to know how to get the right people fast.

We’ve written some tips on our blog before about finding the right workers for your warehouse quickly. To summarize here, though, a lot of it comes down to how you present your company to a potential employee. This is partially made easier when you recruit through your network, as your current employees will probably be able to make a good case for why your warehouse is a great place to work. This also means you need to make sure you’re taking good care of the employees you have and providing safety protocols, top-notch protective equipment, and wellness packages.

Improving your warehouse culture

The key to creating a great warehouse culture is to incentivize your employees to invest their skills with the company and produce outstanding results that can help them develop professionally. A lot of a company’s culture depends, of course, on its leadership, and it’s no different in a warehouse setting. Lead your managers by example and select people for these positions who fit the kind of culture you want for your company.

Work with us to find the right employees for your warehouse culture!

Finding great employees who fit your company culture doesn’t need to be a long, difficult process. Action Logistix helps St. Louis and Western Illinois warehousing and istribution centers find the right employees as soon as they’re needed, and we’re ready to do the same for you. Contact us now to learn more or schedule an initial consultation here.

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