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How warehouse staffing services help with hiring fluctuations

June 28, 2021

When you are challenged to find qualified warehouse applicants, your production suffers. With supply chains sporadically delivering products, your staffing levels also fluctuate. Staffing for those ups and downs is an HR and Production nightmare. Luckily, with Action Logistix, finding higher caliber workers is less of a problem. With over 25 years of combined business experience, our streamlined and effective pre-screening process ensures you find a qualified employees.

Here’s how to manage staffing fluctuations:

1. Compile a database

When hiring candidates, there will likely be some who would have been a good fit but didn’t make the final cut. Instead of throwing out their application, retain it and build a talent pool.

This way, you have a prospective employee on reserve whom you like and who could add value. Hiring will be much easier with a shortlist of ideal candidates perfectly suited for both the role and your work culture. As openings become available, you can inform them.

This saves you considerable time and money. Also, when you like and trust candidates, there will be less risk. Adding tags to resumes and employee profiles, such as ‘great forklift experience,’ is a prime way to ensure you get precisely what you need quickly.

Luckily, with Action Logistix, we compile the database for you. Our unrivaled screening process and warehouse staffing services guarantee you only receive the premier candidate applications.

2. Use technology

It’s imperative to integrate technology to find the perfect candidates in the shortest time span. There are multitudes of tools at your disposal. Two key technologies to be cognizant of and utilize are application tracking systems (ATS) and pre-hiring assessments.

The ATS will facilitate and push candidates through the pipeline, and it will notify HR team members to act if there are lapses or delays in the process. A pre-hiring assessment offers invaluable insight into a candidate and their compatibility.

A visual-based personality assessment is recommended. Candidates can easily record themselves answering questions and submit the video, enabling you to get a better feel for who they are and what they can bring to the table faster than a conventional interview.

Technology in conjunction with an optimized process will provide indispensable insights and a fast turnaround for both the applicant and employer. From video interviewing to custom technological solutions, there’s no better way to heighten the hiring process.

At Action Logistix, our unrivaled warehouse staffing services, unmatched pre-screening solutions, and track record are evidence of how technology can benefit the hiring process.

3. Revamp your process

Furthermore, it’s essential to constantly refine your processes. Firstly, it’s vital to integrate a structured and honed interview process.

Be thoughtful and calculated with questions, and ask each candidate the same questions. Afterward, you can score the answers and they can be easily compared. Ask a variety of questions to gauge behavioral traits, competency, and qualifications.

Strive to optimize both the process and candidate experience. Consider the following questions:

  • How quick and efficient is the application process?
  • How hard is it to learn about job openings?
  • Is it easy to submit applications on desktops, tablets, and phones?

Consider what employees value most outside of money, what benefits to emphasize on job postings. This is, ultimately, how to get the best possible candidates.

Contact us now to start hiring!

If you’re experiencing warehouse staffing shortages and are unsure how to solve that problem, Action Logistix’s warehouse staffing services in the Greater St. Louis and Western Illinois areas are your premier solution. Our pre-screening assessments are unrivaled, and by using technology in conjunction with refined processes, we guarantee to identify the best possible candidates for you and your work culture. Contact us now to start hiring!

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