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Top Challenges in Finding Warehouse and Logistics Workers

November 1, 2022

Hiring qualified warehouse workers is a big responsibility — especially heading into the holiday season. From reluctant job seekers to fierce competition in the warehouse industry, there are many challenges that you might face.

Here are five challenges in finding warehouse workers.

Challenge #1: Everyone is hiring for the holiday season.

As we head into the holiday season, every warehouse is actively hunting for skilled workers, making it hard to stand out from the crowd. Make your organization appeal to more applicants by highlighting your culture and values and celebrating your employees’ achievements on social media. The more you can make yourself visible and stand out — the better you will fare in attracting qualified warehouse workers.

Challenge #2: Workforce logistics are changing.

The workforce is changing. This is because the baby boom generation is retiring, and millennials now comprise a good portion of their workforce. Their goals and values differ from the previous generation — requiring companies to pivot to what they value. To adapt to this challenge, try changing your hiring process to appeal to younger workers. For example, your hiring process may involve filling out applications from a mobile device and connecting with hiring managers or other employees on social media.

Challenge #3: Job seekers don’t want to adapt to a warehouse schedule.

Working for a warehouse can mean awkward hours and extended shifts since schedules run on consumer timelines. Because of this, your organization may have hesitant applicants. Your organization and human resource team can address this challenge by offering flexible schedules. For example, you can provide annualized hours to workers, where the length of the shift depends on demand. This will show applicants that you consider their personal lives and are actively looking for ways to take care of your employees.

Challenge #4: The warehouse training process can intimidate employees.

Another challenge your organization will need to combat is the current expectations surrounding warehouse work. Potential applicants may have had bad experiences in the past working for a warehouse, or a job listing did not describe the training process in depth. You can work to combat this by being upfront about your training process and offering chances for your warehouse workers to learn and develop critical skills, which can happen both in the warehouse or through programs at education centers or local colleges.

Challenge #5: Applicants consider warehouse work uninteresting.

Applicants in today’s society want to have meaningful jobs that inspire them. If you find applicants who don’t find warehouse work interesting, create challenges and competitions to encourage employees to interact, get creative, and stay productive in their day-to-day. An engaging environment can make hesitant job seekers interested in a company.

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