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Keep Your Supply Chains Open with Specialized Warehouse Staffing in St. Louis 

May 5, 2020

You need the right staff on the ground to keep your supply lines open and moving efficiently, especially during unpredictable times like the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The problem is, how do you keep up with rapidly increasing supply chain demand? How can you be sure that your warehouse and fulfillment center teams have what it takes to handle the pressure? There's an easy answer – outsource your industrial staffing needs to a team like us. 

Why Outsourced Industrial Staffing Works 

Once you understand the benefits of outsourcing your warehouse staffing needs, you'll see why it makes sense. Here's what you need to know. 

Save Money

That's right – a professional warehouse staffing agency saves you money in the short term and the long run. Why? Because you're not paying for workers' comp liability, vacation days, or health benefits. And, there's minimal onboarding and training required.

Instant Assistance

Got a backlog in your warehouse? Struggling to move stock around right now? A specialized industrial staffing agency like ours can get you the support you need, when and where you need it. We're all about helping you meet those all-important deadlines. 

Maintain the Right Staff Levels

A fully-functional supply chain means always having the right number of staff around to handle fluctuations in supply and demand. By outsourcing your staffing needs, you can easily fill in these employee gaps and replace any missing links in your supply chain personnel. This can boost productivity and reduce costs related to turnover.

Avoid Time-Consuming Paperwork

This might be the best part – we handle our employees' paperwork so you don't have to. Your HR department team has enough to focus on without pouring over unemployment claims, ACA reporting, and child support queries! 

Why Our Team Stands Out 

Ready to smooth out the chinks in your supply chain? Here's why Action Logistix is the team to help.

We Understand Your Requirements

At Action Logistix, we're all about you. We're passionate about keeping your supply chains moving without a hitch. Whether you urgently require forklift drivers or you anticipate needing extra distribution center support, we can source the right staff for you to send wherever they're needed. 

We Screen Our Employees

Action Logistix doesn't just hire anyone. We put our employees through extensive testing and evaluation to ensure that they have the right attitude and experience to boost your productivity and support your supply chain. Over a quarter of applicants don't make it through our selection process, so you know you're getting quality personnel.  

We Are Staffing Professionals

It's this simple – specialized warehouse staffing in St Louis is our forte. Our mission. Our team works tirelessly to recruit warehouse personnel across the Metro St Louis and Western Illinois areas, which means we only select the best. As staffing professionals, we will always send you the right match for your company's unique culture. 

Why You Should Trust Action Logistix to Staff Your Warehouse!

We get it – running a business is stressful enough without worrying about staffing issues. That's why we want to help. Take a worry off your mind during these challenging times by entrusting us with your warehouse staffing needs. Our workers have the motivation, experience, and skill to help keep your supply chains running smoothly – even during a global pandemic. For specialized warehouse staffing in St Louis, contact Josh Browell today to start the conversation and book a meeting!

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