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St. Louis Warehouse Staffing Firm Finds Higher Caliber Employees to Reduce Employer Turnover and Costs

July 8, 2020

Hiring high caliber employees—the first time—means the difference between keeping all lines open and operations moving vs. the high turnover cycle. Our St. Louis warehouse staffing company can help you find and hire the right employees for your job. Whether you run a distribution operation, production, assembly, or other light industrial business, Action Logistix can help you find the talent you need to move your business forward without interruption. Here’s how we can help you staff your operation with higher caliber workers.

Get the Right Workers

One of the toughest parts of finding the right workers is going through dozens of applications and interviews to find the best candidates to fit your culture and skills requirements. This costs you not only time and money, but the frustration of going without the ideal candidate for longer than necessary. When you use a general staffing agency, you’ll receive a range of potential hires—but that range most often includes those who do not meet your most pressing needs. You’ll receive administrative, clerical, accounting, and light industrial applicants when you only need the latter.

How We’re Different
Action Logistix’s pre-employment screening process and policy of interviewing only light industrial industry workers—both skilled and unskilled—means that our applicant pools include only warehouse and distribution workers, including:

  • Warehouse unloaders
  • Warehouse kitters
  • Warehouse re-packers
  • Distribution order selectors
  • Distribution equipment operators

We work closely with you to get a clear understanding of not only your needs but your company culture and current employees’ personalities. This helps in our hiring process by knowing which applicants’ personalities will match best with your existing team members’.

In short, we essentially become an extension of your HR team to ensure you get only the right candidate for the job.

Our direct hire solutions ensure we hire the employee on the first day. We provide a guarantee for each direct hire we provide you because we’re confident we will provide you with the right team member for the job. This keeps turnover low, and costs associated with multiple new hires even lower.

Save Time and Money with Our Pre-screening and Testing Process
We save you the time and frustration of sifting through these candidates yourself and conduct pre-employment testing and weekly interviews with only those best suited for the light industrial industry.

This unique testing process eliminates 25% to 30% of job applicants, while our skills and behavioral tests help determine applicants’ cultural fit and competency, leading to a higher caliber hire and —most importantly—a hire that won’t lead to turnover.

Keep Turnover Low
But it’s not just the hiring experience that saves you time and money. Turnover is one of the more expensive and frustrating challenges employers deal with. If your staffing firm presents you only with those who are not direct matches, you can be nearly certain that this mismatch will only add to your turnover in the future.

How Much Will Turnover Cost You?
Depending on the industry, turnover costs range between six to nine months of an employee’s wages or salary, or more. Workers earning $30,000 or less annually, for example, sit at 16% turnover, but the cost to replace them will vary depending on a number of factors. The sooner you can find a more suitable replacement, you can stave off any additional costs and prevent turnover headaches later on.

Get the Staffing Support You Need
We also understand that you may need to hire high volumes of exceptional workers to run all production lines and fully staff each shift. Our St. Louis warehouse staffing firm can help you get the workers you need to keep you operating at full capacity.

Our high volume customers receive a dedicated staff member at their facility to expedite and optimize the hiring process. Your dedicated staff will provide specialized reporting programs to evaluate your costs, productivity, and safety, so you can focus on what matters most: keeping things running smoothly.

Let Us Hire Your High Caliber Workers

Finding the right worker for the job isn’t always easy, especially when dealing with staffing firms that bring in too many candidates who aren’t perfect fits. Action Logistix streamlines the process to get you the right candidates for the job. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can get you the high caliber workers you need so you can avoid turnover down the road.

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