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Action Logistix’s 2021 Guide to Specialized Staffing for Warehouses

May 2, 2021

Your warehouse is essential to your business. One mistake in your warehouse can have devastating consequences. That’s precisely why you need specialized staffing solutions. At Action Logistix, we proudly staff the greater Metropolitan St. Louis and Western Illinois areas. Unlike other staffing companies, our pre-employment testing ensures you have your choice of the very best applicants.

Here’s how to quickly staff your warehouse:

More than Salary

It takes more than salary to attract good workers. In fact, people often leave jobs for reasons completely unrelated to salary. These include things like:

  • Being overworked
  • No job satisfaction
  • Minimal break time
  • Feeling undervalued and disrespected

Most of this can be distilled down to work culture. It’s essential to ensure employees are compatible with corporate culture and that corporate culture insist on respect of everybody all the time. A disconnect between employees, both permanent and temporary, and company culture contributes majorly to high turnover rates. When attracting applicants, it’s important to consider:

  • Market salary
  • Training and career advancement
  • Benefits
  • Constructive communication and feedback
  • Recognition for good performance
  • Work environment

Optimizing these areas is the best way to attract candidates. With Action Logistix, compatibility is a priority. Through extensive pre-employment screening, our specialized staffing solutions find the most compatible and qualified candidates from whom to choose.

Unique Job Offers

Salary is undeniably a major appeal of any job offer. However, it’s important to understand that attracting competent, effective workers requires far more than a competitive salary.

In fact, it’s proven that workers are more drawn to great corporate cultures and benefits than a higher salary. Therefore, to quickly staff your warehouse, offering benefits and perks will make you exponentially more appealing.

For example, if your staff takes public transport into work, offering to pay for their tickets or providing a shuttle service is a huge incentive. Paying weekly incentives for reliable workers is a huge attraction.

Ultimately, your total offer matters. Both you and the applicants are searching for the right fit. You’re competing for their skills as much as they’re competing for your position.

Tailoring your job offer makes it stand out and attract workers. More importantly, these efforts enable you to customize offers to satisfy your exact needs. It’s the best way to get high-caliber candidates, and consequently, high-caliber employees.

However, Action Logistix is here to help. With years of specialized staffing experience, we know exactly what employees are attracted to.

Competing with Uncle Sam

The bottom line is most hourly workers earn more staying at home and collecting unemployment. Plus, the Federal supplement and Child Care Credit payments for kids under age 18 make staying home even more enticing.

Your competition is the US Government. They’re simply paying more than employers. While a small percentage of motivated people are applying for work, they’re quick to walk off the job if they feel disrespected, mistreated, or exploited.

To combat this, it’s important to pay more, provide bonuses, and enhance your corporate culture and working environments. Finding reliable talent for the warehouse in 2021 is an unprecedented challenge.

The 2021 American Rescue Plan (ARP) is providing $1400 stimulus checks, an additional $300/week in Federal supplement from State unemployment benefits, and advance Child Care Credit payments starting July 2021 of $250/month per child. Further complicating things, most hourly workers qualify.

At $13/hour, an employee earns $2,210 a month. That same person can earn $3,200 a month including the Child Care Credit advance payment by staying unemployed. At Action Logistix, we specialize in warehouse staffing and understand this dynamic.

To share an eye-opening scheduling fact - during April, 2021, Action Logistix scheduled over 1,400 interviews. Only 24.7% of those job applicants showed up. Of that group, 21.4% of applicants passed our screening and were interested in working.

Contact us now to hire your dream team!

If you need specialized warehouse staffing solutions in the greater Metropolitan St. Louis and Western Illinois areas, Action Logistix is your best bet. Our years of industry experience and pre-employment testing ensure you get the premier applicants. Contact us now to get started!

Anything but specialized staffing for your warehouse is a disservice to your business.

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