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5 Ways Your Warehouse Will Benefit From A Staffing Agency

August 31, 2020

Utilizing production staffing services for warehouses in St. Louis will save you time and money while placing high-caliber talent in your company. When your daily schedule is packed with a long list of things to do, conjuring up extra time for the hiring process becomes difficult. Staffing agencies like Action Logistix undergo the hiring process for businesses and fill open roles in a seamless manner. Below we discuss the important reasons why your company should hire a staffing agency.

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Streamline recruiting top-talent.

High-caliber talent doesn’t grow on trees. Employing a discerning eye to scope out the most qualified candidates will add value to your team and help boost production. We can ensure that companies who use our staffing services will exclusively be matched with high-caliber talent thanks to our cutting-edge pre-employment testing that eliminates 25-30% of applicants.

Lessen the burden on your HR department.

Temporary staffing employees are technically not employed by your company. While they work for you just like an in-house employee, all of their paperwork and claims are filed under Action Logistix. We will handle any and all unemployment claims so your HR department can focus solely on your in-house employment needs to help your company run smoother and more efficiently.

Go from temp to perm.

The initial interview or a quick look at a resume doesn’t always indicate how an employee will perform on the job. Because you’ll be starting your new employees off on a temporary basis, you’ll be able to make an accurate assessment of their performance and the value they’ll bring before you make any commitments for full-time employment. When you work with a staffing agency like Action Logistix, you will eliminate any potential hiring risks.

Save money and expand.

Having extra capital to invest into crucial areas of your business will ultimately make the difference between long term success or failure. A need for extra funding is especially important for new, emerging businesses looking to expand and meet new demands. Employing the services of a temporary staffing agency will reduce payroll costs, eliminate worker’s comp liability, negate the need for vacation pay, and reduce unnecessary funding in many other areas.

Reduce overtime costs.

When you have a staffing agency working to ensure you always have an adequate amount of employees on the job, you’ll never have to worry about asking anyone to work overtime. This means you’ll reduce costs while increasing productivity. By outsourcing staffing, it will be much easier to fill crucial roles and to guarantee your team is always keeping up with supply and demand.

Action Logistix specializes in industrial staffing for St. Louis warehouse employers. We proudly find the highest-caliber temporary and full-time employees that will fit in perfectly with your company. Our team has been presented with the Future 50 Award, was voted the “Best Employment Agency” by the Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce, and has been featured in the “Best Of” section of St. Louis Small Business Monthly. It is our objective to advocate for business and encourage others to start their own endeavors. Please get in touch with us today to start staffing your warehouse and seamlessly boost productivity.


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